January, 2011

Nicole Charles joins Red Deer Public Library

Posted: January 24, 2011, 10:03 AM by: Ken Feser
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Red Deer Public Library is pleased to announce that Nicole Charles (a recent graduate from the University of Alberta MLIS program), joined Red Deer Public Library as the new I.T. Librarian on December 7.

Nicole has taken over primary responsibility of managing the library's SirsiDynix Symphony Integrated Library System and the library's web properties. She will also be working alongside the other two members of the library's I.T. Team (Robert Bastell and Randy Chenowith) to provide day to day I.T. support throughout the organization.

Congratulations Nicole on your new position.

Nicole Charles


Saddle Hills libraries are nearly ready to open

Posted: January 19, 2011, 9:51 AM by: Ken Feser
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In 2010 Saddle Hills County formed a library board to establish new libraries in local schools.  Three libraries are being opened, in the communities of Savanna, Bonanza and Woking.

A lot of preparation and work goes into creating a new public library, and the Saddle Hills Library Board's accomplishments have been impressive.  Supernet connections have been prepared for all locations, and other physical renovations of the locations are well underway.  The County has joined the Peace Library System, and a donation of about 4000 books has been received from a former community library in Savanna (the Sandra Lario Library, now closed).

Savanna will be the first library to open.  A Library Manager has been hired and final work on the physical space is being done.

Congratulations Saddle Hills Library Board and all those who have worked hard to make these new libraries a reality.  We look forward to the grand openings coming in 2011.

Edmonton Public Library wins top PR award

Posted: January 11, 2011, 1:38 PM by: Ken Feser
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Edmonton Public Library has won a 2011 John Dana Cotton Public Relations Award, considered the top PR award for libraries.  EPL won for their 2010 rebranding, which included a new logo, visual identity, advertising and guerilla marketing campaign. 

The judges noted that the EPL rebranding was "a masterful blending of the work of professional designers and library staff that let each do what they do best. The simple, stylish logo and the slogan 'Spread the words' were taken by library staff and customers and used in a guerilla marketing strategy that was impossible to ignore and hard to resist. The success of this campaign was built on a strong foundation of shared values, clear assessment, strategic marketing and a committed and enthusiastic library staff. The result was a colorful, adaptable, effective campaign that also happens to be a lot of fun."

Congratulations Edmonton Public Library on this impressive award.

Edmonton Public Library's award winning new logo and slogan

Kristin Litke receives award from Millet Public Library

Posted: January 6, 2011, 4:05 PM by: Ken Feser
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At a 'Seniors Christmas Tea' on December 15th, 2010, The Millet Public Library recognized Kristin Litke, former Millet Public Library Manager & present Yellowhead Regional Library Client Services Associate, for her Exceptional Vision, Service & Dedication. 

A plaque has been placed in the library and Kristin was given one to take home.

Kristin managed the Millet Public Library for 3 years and has given the residents of Millet a Library that they can be proud to call their own.

Maureen Barnett, the present library manager, extends her thanks to Kristin and we offer our congratulations to Kristin on this recognition of her work.

Rita Buxton, past chair of the Town of Millet Library Board, presents Kristin Litke (on right) with an award

Mathew McCallum joins PLSB as Grants Administrator

Posted: January 6, 2011, 8:44 AM by: Ken Feser
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Public Library Services Branch is happy to announce that Mathew McCallum has joined our team as the new Grants Administrator.  Matt comes to us from Assessment Services Branch.  He has been working in Municipal Affairs for nearly four years. 

Public Libraries Services Branch is excited to have Matt come on-board to help us administer the operating grants for public libraries.

Matt’s energetic personality will be invaluable as he works with librarians and trustees on municipal library boards and regional library system boards to help ensure Alberta’s public libraries have access to provincial funding.

Please feel free to contact Matt with grants-related issues (or just to say hello!).  He can be reached at 780-415-0303, or at Mathew.McCallum@gov.ab.ca (note there is one "T" in "Mathew").

Welcome to the Branch, Mathew, good to have you here.

Mathew McCallum